[Drama] Ji Chang Wook x Won Ji An’s tension war from the beginning in “If You Wish Upon Me”

An unusual meeting between actors Ji Chang Wook and Won Ji An portrays a horribly mixed fate in “If You Wish Upon Me.”

On 25 July, KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “If you Wish Upon Me” (directed by Kim Yong-wan/script by Cho Ryeong-soo/hereinafter referred to as “Dang So-mal”) unveiled the stills of Ji Chang Wook (playing Yoon Gyeo Re) and Won Ji An (playing Ha Joon Kyung).

Ji Chang Wook plays the role of Yoon Gyeo Re, a “broken adult child” who has no will to live his life and has a habit of causing pain on his own.  Won Ji An plays Ha Joon Kyung, an abandoned black swan* woman who is not loved even by her parents.

The precarious relationship between Yoon Gyeo Re, who is barely holding out without the will for life, and Ha Joon Kyung, who considers Yoon Gyeo Re, who first reached out to her as everything in the world, is foreseen.

Among them, Ji Chang Wook and Won Ji An in the released photo are looking at each other with resentful faces amid the pouring downpour.

In particular, Ji Chang Wook is throwing up a desperate cry with desperation, and Won Ji An shows a sad look, making people feel more pathetic than angry.  It is curious what kind of story will be contained between the two people who are exploding with extreme emotions toward each other, and what is the reason for the crack in their relationship.

A production team representative of “Dang So-mal” said, “Yoon Gyeo Re and Ha Joon Kyung, who are embroiled in a whirlpool of mixed fate, will engage in a tense war of nerves from the beginning of the drama to provide an eye-catching suction power.  Please look forward to the synergy between Ji Chang Wook, who is showing irreplaceable acting skills and experience, and Won Ji An, who will show her unrivaled presence.”

Meanwhile, “If You Wish Upon Me,” which is scheduled to premiere on 10 August, is a healing drama in which a dangerous young man who is driven to the end of his life makes people’s last wishes come true at a hospice hospital and heals pain.  It is a work inspired by an actual foundation in the Netherlands.

*A ‘black swan’ is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences.

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