[Drama] KBS 2TV releases the warm group poster for “If You Wish Upon Me”

The group poster for “If You Wish Upon Me” has been released, which will make viewers happy.

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “If You Wish Upon Me,” which is scheduled to premiere at 9:50pm on Wednesday, 10 August, is showing the best poster of Ji Chang Wook (Yoon Gyeo Re), Sung Dong Il (Kang Tae Sik), Choi Soo Young (playing Seo Yeon Joo), Won Ji An (Ha Joon Kyung), Yang Hee Kyung (Yeom Soon Ja), Gil Hae Yeon (Choi Deok Ja), and Yoo Soon Woong (Hwang Cha Yong) released a group poster, raising expectations for the main broadcast to the highest level.

Nicknamed “Dang So-mal,” it is a healing drama in which a precarious young man, driven to the end of his life, heals pain by fulfilling people’s last wishes at a hospice hospital, and is motivated by a real foundation in the Netherlands that fulfilling the last wishes of terminal cancer patients.

In the group poster released on 2 August, the seven main characters of ‘Dang So-mal’ are taking self-group photos with the concept of taking pictures of someone, drawing attention from viewers.  First of all, Sung Dong Il, who is pressing the camera shutter, takes the center stage as the leader of ‘Team Genie.’  In addition, Ji Chang Wook uses a small strobe, with Yang Hee Kyung, Yoo Soon Woong, and Gil Hae Yeon, respectively, illuminate the reflectors and lights, and are faithfully fulfilling their respective roles.

Choi Soo Young is catching the eye by spreading her palm with her hand on Sung Dong Il’s shoulder, while Won Ji An seems to have melted fully among the members of ‘Team Genie’ by pressing the self-remote.  In particular, the friendly eyes and smiles that reach out of the frame make the viewers laugh together.

In particular, it doubles the touching impression by adding a spoon of warm emotion to the happy mood filled with the frame with the phrase “Make the Last Moment So That It Can Shine.”  Prospective viewers are paying keen attention to what project the ‘Team Genie’ members, who worked together to grant the last wishes of patients in the hospice ward who have little time left in their lives, will deliver gift-like moments.

The warm story that the seven actors will tell is scheduled to premiere at 9:50pm on the 10 August, and A& will also be available in on cable’s A&E Lifetime Korea.

Sources:  SList.kr; OSEN.co.kr; KBS 2TV

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  1. Ji Chang Wook is an actor you should watch. I suggest you watch every performance of this young man. I promise you won’t regret it. I was hooked and can’t get enough. In my opinion, he stands above any other Korean actor.

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