[Event] Ji Chang Wook wants to “Reach You” at his Seoul fan meeting (updated)

Ji Chang Wook will hold his first fan meeting in almost 3 years on 23 October 2022 at the Sejong University Daeyang Hall in Seoul, South Korea.

Having had several of his fan meetings since early 2020 postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ji Chang Wook returns with a first stop in Seoul for his upcoming 2022 Fan Meeting Tour, entitled “Reach You.”  The title “Reach You” contains the hope that the fans will be grateful who have waited for a long time.

At this fan meeting, Ji Chang Wook will communicate with fans through special events such as signature corners, telling stories that have not been shared, and songs he wants to share.  Ji Chang Wook expressed his expectations and sincerity for the fan meeting, saying, “I want to express my gratitude to the fans who supported me consistently even when I couldn’t meet them due to the pandemic.”

Coincidentally, 23 October will also be Ji Chang Wook’s 14th Debut Anniversary, so this will be the best way to celebrate!  *finger hearts*


Ji Chang Wook’s “Reach You” in Seoul fan meeting will be held at the Sejong University Daeyang Hall in Seoul, South Korea.  Sejong University (세종대학교) is a private, co-ed university located in the Gwangjin-gu neighborhood of Seoul.  SJU specializes in degrees for hospitality and tourism management, dancing, animation and rhythmic gymnastics.  Founded as the Kyung Sung Humanities Institute in 1940, it was renamed in 1978 in honor of Sejong the Great, the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty and overseer of the creation of the Korean alphabet Hangul.

As a prestigeous Korean university, many famous alumni graduated from Sejong University, such as singers Chungha and Yang Seung Ho from MBLAQ; actresses Gong Hyo Jin, Han Ji Hye, Lee Da Hee, and Song Hye Kyo; and actors Kim Hee Chan, Oh Chang Seok and Yoon Yeon Seok.

Daeyang Hall is a smaller venue inside the university that holds approximately an audience of 2,029 over two levels of seats, and is the best place for various in-depth events such as music performances, concerts, dances, plays, corporate seminars, and briefing sessions.

Located a minute away from Exit 6 of the Neungdong-ro subway station (Line 7), it is a specialized concert hall where visitors can feel the atmosphere of nature in the city because it is close to the greenspace of the nearby Children’s Grand Park, and is waiting for users with its more sophisticated facilities.


Glorious Entertainment has released the ticket opening schedule, as follows:

■ Performance information
– Performance name: 2022 Ji Chang Wook Fan Meeting <Reach You> IN SEOUL
– Date and Time: 23 October 2022 (Sun) 6:00pm KST
– Location: Sejong University Daeyang Hall
– Ticket Price: 66,000 won (~$47.00 USD)
– Performance Time: Approximately 100 minutes
– Age of Admission: 7 years of age or older

■ Ticket Reservation Information
– Number of purchases available: 2 per person
– Ticket reservation destination: YES24 ticket
– Ticket purchasing platform (Korea): http://ticket.yes24.com/New/Notice/NoticeMain.aspx#id=12220

– Ticket purchasing platform (International): http://ticket.yes24.com/Pages/English/Perf/FnPerfDeail.aspx?IdPerf=43683
– Ticket opening schedule: 30 September 2022 (Fri) 6:00pm (18:00) KST

■ Precautions
– You can purchase up to two tickets per person for this performance.
– All seats are reserved for this performance.
– Cancellation or refund of tickets purchased or acquired through other channels than the official reservation destination is not possible. The damage and responsibility for the problems caused by this are to the parties to the transaction, the organizer, and the reservation office are not responsible.
– Tickets illegally booked and illegally traded will be canceled without prior notice, and you cannot enter even if you have a ticket on the day of the performance.
– Please check the information on ticket purchases, refunds, and performance information on YES24 Tickets.

Credits:  Glorious Entertainment; Sejong University; YES24 Korea

7 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook wants to “Reach You” at his Seoul fan meeting (updated)

  1. @Jodee Steffensen Bentley I am so happy for you! He is an awesome performer and person. That would be a fanmeet worthy of attending and it sounds like you had the experience worth making the effort for! He is one person I would love to go see! Lucky you! How DID you win those tickets? Did you take anyone with you?

  2. Got tickets for Korean Fan Meet! Very excited. My Korean is currently at the level of most Korean one year olds. Any chance of there being English Language Assistive Technology? No expectations. I’ll love whatever happens!

      • I once went to Dongwan’s fanmeet (Shinhwa) on a trip there and although it was all in Korean I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was easy to follow the chants he was so charming as I know Chang Wook will be. I only speak basic Korean but I loved the night as I am sure you will! Lucky you were able to get those tickets! Have so much fun!

      • I did thoroughly enjoy the night! I am totally smitten!!! Over two hours on stage with music, loads of audience participation, magic, and wonderful stories. Videos are starting to come out with English subtitles, but I could see from the audience reactions that night how charming and funny he was. He’s so embracing of anyone in his space, even 2000 adoring fans. And I got a smile as I walked out! Still giddy from the experience. Seoul is beautiful, the people kind, and my basic Korean seems to open the doors for the them to use their English, so I’ve felt completely safe and cared for. Thanks for letting me share this incredible experience..

      • Booked tickets and flew to Korea! Arrived early (may have seen you there). It was a great event: Yes, entirely in Korean, but well worth the time and cost. Loved the music, the audience participation, the videos and the magic. Keeping my fingers crossed it somehow makes it to Youtube with subtitles so I can revisit, but definitely an incentive to keep learning Korean! Thanks for the reply, so loved receiving a personal smile from Ji Chang Wook!!! He’s such a generous talent. Continuing to adore him….

  3. It is times like these that I wish I lived in Korea so I could attend this! I sure hope it will be sold out and those who attend will have the best time. Ji Chang Wook is a wonderful actor and person and surely deserves it. If i could go I would for sure! thanks for a wonderful site to keep us updated on his activities and news. Am watching the last episode of If You Wish Upon Me today and already hoping for his next Kdrama.

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