[Event] Ji Chang Wook departs Seoul for “Reach You” in Yokohama fan meeting

And he’s back on the road again!  At yet another very cold hour on the morning of 1 February, Ji Chang Wook departed from Gimpo International Airport for Kansai International Airport in advance of his 2023 <Reach You> in Yokohama fan meeting scheduled for 3 February at the PACIFICO Convention Plaza in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.

Newsen.com again wins the airport departure photoshoot wars, so enjoy the photos taken before Wook stepped onto his flight!

And in case you missed it the first time around, here is Newsen’s video of Ji Chang Wook’s departure:

Credit:  Newsen.com

12 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook departs Seoul for “Reach You” in Yokohama fan meeting

  1. Hello,I’m willing to travel to bangkok for his April 8 fan meeting,please ,how and where can I get greet and meet tickets for a great sit ticket.looking forward for your help.thank you

    • Hi Annabelle! We posted the details about the upcoming Bangkok fan meeting a few days ago, and tickets go on sale 4 March at 10:00am (local time). Please be aware that there will be no meet-and-greet/handshake events because of the Covid-19 pandemic. There will be a Hi-Bye event on the way out of the Royal Paragon Hall instead.

  2. Im an avid fan of Ji Chang Wook. Please post Ji Chang Wook fan meeting few months in advance. I hope he will come to United States too. When will be his fan meeting in Hongkong.


    • Hi Emily! Sorry, but we never have advance information of Ji Chang Wook’s fan meetings. The Kitchen learns of his upcoming schedule at the same time the rest of the world does when it is announced by Glorious Entertainment, and we immediately post that information on our Twitter and Instagram accounts if we cannot get a post out right away. We have no information to share about any upcoming fan meetings other than what we just posted the other day about his upcoming Bangkok FM scheduled for 8 April.

  3. Love❤️ Those eyes!! I wish he could do a fan meeting in US. He is always so composed and calm around people.
    Just curious, How do we know when & where the fan meets happen? I dont want to miss any if ever it happens somewhere where I can visit. Clearly I am missing this. Please help!!

    • We always post ASAP through this blog and on our Twitter account when a fan meeting has been announced so Wook’s fans can prepare their travel arrangements. And if a fan meeting ever happens in the US, it will probably be in Los Angeles where he already has support on the ground.

      (P.S. The Kitchen moderates all comments to cut down on the usual spam, so if your comments do not show up right away, please wait for an admin to approve. Thanks!)

    • I’m with you! I would love to attend a fanmeeting with Ji Chang-wook! He is one of the most humane wonderful people out there in spite of his fame. So down to earth and caring. His fan meet would be awesome.

  4. Saw the photos. Interestingly I was hopping a trip from NYC back home maybe at the same time, though it was daytime on this side of the planet. I’m so impressed with how much time he’s putting into doing fan meetings for us. Keeping my fingers crossed that he does another one in Korea. I’m rehearsed and ready this time!!!
    Oh! And saving hearts for the 13,000 (?) voting event. Saw your name on the list. Having tons of fun participating this this fan support stuff!!!

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