[News] Ji Chang Wook donates 100 million won for Türkiye and Syria earthquake relief

Actor Ji Chang Wook joined in the emergency relief for children affected by the Türkiye and Syria earthquakes.

On 15 February, Lee Ki Cheol, Secretary-General of the Korean Committee for UNICEF, said “Ji Chang Wook donated 100 million won (approximately $78,000 USD) by participating in emergency relief for children affected by the Türkiye and Syria earthquakes.”

Ji Chang Wook is famous for donating and volunteering with fans for various classes and regions, including support for living and medical expenses for families in crisis, participation in campaigns to improve awareness of disabilities, and donations for children affected by the Syrian war.

In accordance with Ji Chang Wook’s wishes, the fund will be used in full for the Children’s Emergency Relief and became a member of the UNICEF Honor Club.  100 million won will go to emergency relief projects such as nutrition, drinking water hygiene, education and protection for children affected by the Türkiye and Syria earthquakes.

Lee Ki Cheol further stated, “Ji Chang Wook, who has been at the forefront of spreading the sharing culture in our society with his fans’ steady good deeds, sent a large fund for Türkiye and Syrian children.  We thank Ji Chang Wook for his warm heart and support for sharing the pain of children, and the fund will be used preciously for Türkiyen and Syrian children to rebuild the future with hope again.”

Meanwhile, the Korean Committee for UNICEF has launched an emergency relief campaign to help children affected by the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, and is developing a fundraising campaign with a goal of $5 million USD.

UNICEF has been supporting children in Türkiye since 1951 and Syria since 1970.  UNICEF’s 170-person office in Türkiye and its 217-person office in Syria have been on-site and supporting children since the 6 February disasters.

Credits:  Star News Korea; Newsen.com; HeraldPop.com; NewsOne

7 thoughts on “[News] Ji Chang Wook donates 100 million won for Türkiye and Syria earthquake relief

  1. Is it even possible for me to love and respect Ji Chang Wook even more? So it appears!!! I’m increasingly happy and proud to be a fan. His concern for others inspires and warms my heart. Is it possible for us to individually contribute to this fund in his name?

    • Hi Jodee! We don’t see any issues with making individual contributions in Ji Chang Wook’s name, but if you plan on publicizing your contribution, that has be cleared through Glorious Entertainment first. His agency keeps quite tight wraps on the use of Wook’s name outside of their official communications. Hope this helps!

  2. He earned through his dedication to his art, through very hard work and talent the privilege to help! How wonderful…

  3. Happy to be informed about what a great humanitarian JCW is by donating all that money to Türkiye and Syria to help on this moment of so much need. I appreciate your information.

  4. I am not at all surprised by this news but always loving the wonderful person Chang Wook is and all the things he does to make this world a better place for others. He’s a gem.

  5. Sarang JCW. May Allah always bless you. Thank you for your support and for donating to Syria/Turkiye. All the best to you.

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