[Drama] Ji Chang Wook confirmed for jTBC drama “Welcome to Samdalri”

It is official!  Ji Chang Wook’s participation in upcoming drama “Welcome to Samdalri” is confirmed!

In a news broadcast on 9 March, a marketing representative from jTBC announced that Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun have confirmed their lead roles in “Welcome to Samdalri.”  Being touted as a ‘healing romance drama,’ “Welcome to Samdalri” will show ‘a story that will take your breath away,’ and involves the male and female protagonists who grew up together in a fictional island named Mado (loosely based on Jeju-do), who return to their hometown village after suffering major setbacks in their lives and careers.

In “Welcome to Samdalri,” Ji Chang Wook (“Annarasumana” “If You Wish Upon Me”) will play Cho Yong Pil, the head of the Mado Meteorological Agency.  In the eyes of others, he looked like a dragon ascending to heaven (*could do no wrong in life).  One day, after failing and losing everything, he returns to his stream to catch his breath (*he returns to his hometown to re-assess his life), and meets again with his first love, Sam-dal.

Shin Hye Sun (“Mr. Queen” “30 But 17”) will play Cho Eun Hye (also known as Sam-dal) who looks delicate, but has a strong personality.  Sam-dal, who returns to her hometown after several years of dating her boyfriend in search of her own path, suddently ends the relationship and returns to Mado.  The human healing romance that Shin Hye Sun will show through ‘Welcome to Samdali’ is also expected.

The story will be based loosely around the songs of singer Cho Yong Pil, one of South Korea’s 1980’s groundbreaking pop stars. “Welcome to Samdalri” is proposed to be a jukebox-style drama that melts the gem-like songs of ‘King of Singers’ Cho Yong Pil into its episodes.

PD-nim Cha Young Hoon (“When the Camellia Blooms” “Forecasting Love and Weather”) and other producers will join hands to utilize Cho Yong Pil’s hit songs in various ways to bring out the rural atmosphere and warm charm in “Welcome to Samdalri.”  Screenwriter Kwon Hye Joo (“Go Back Couple” “Hi Bye Mama”) will author the script.

“Welcome to Samdalri” will air as a 10:30pm Saturday-Sunday 16-episode drama and is expected to be broadcast on jTBC in late 2023.

Credits:  TenAsia; Kyunghyang.com


5 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook confirmed for jTBC drama “Welcome to Samdalri”

  1. I am ecstatic, he is an amazing actor. I am so looking forward to seeing him in a new drama. I love everything Ji Chang Wook does, his talent is undeniable. What a phenomenal talent! (USA)

  2. Awesome!! He is already taking my breath away ascending from heaven. Ahhh… now they make him look even more like a heavenly god!! Can’t wait to see you, JCW!!

  3. So looking forward to this! I think its a great pairing and the story will hopefully use these two actors talents’ to the fullest to let the story and acting SHINE!

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