[Update] ‘FA big fish’ Ji Chang Wook eventually becoming a soloist

Actor Ji Chang Wook will go on a solo journey.

As a result of exclusive Star News coverage on 14 March, it was confirmed that Ji Chang Wook is preparing for a separate corporation by establishing a one-man agency, and is moving alone in earnest.

Earlier on 7 March, Ji Chang Wook decided to break up beautifully with Glorious Entertainment without renewing his contract.  Ji Chang Wook’s new agency, which has been working alone this time, is a one-man agency led by a manager* who has worked with Ji Chang Wook for more than 10 years.  [*Note:  Manager-nim Bang Chigu]

Ji Chang Wook has been performing attractive acts through various works since his debut with the independent film “Sleeping Beauty” in 2008.  He is also building an unrivaled spectrum of activities by singing his own drama OSTs.

Attention is focusing on what kind of new start Ji Chang Wook, who is solidifying his position as an “all-rounder” by going back and forth between movies, dramas and music, will make after the establishment of a one-man agency.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook will appear in Disney+’s “The Worst of Evil,” which is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year.

Credit:  Star News

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