[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook signs exclusive contract with Spring Company

Ji Chang Wook signed an exclusive contract with Spring Company.

On 7 April, a representative from Spring Company said, “I’m happy to be with actor Ji Chang Wook, who is loved by the public for his reliable acting skills regardless of the genre.  As an actor with global influence as well as domestic, I will do my best to support Ji Chang Wook in various areas,” he said.

The Spring Company was founded by a manager who has been in charge of Ji Chang Wook’s work for a long time, and Ji Chang Wook decided to accompany him based on his strong trust and bond with the working team.

Since becoming the main actors with the dramas “Sons of Sol Pharmacy” and “Smile Donghae,” Ji Chang Wook has gained global popularity beyond South Korea with his presence in the dramas “Healer,” “The K2,” “Suspicious Partner,” “Lovestruck in the City” and the movie “Fabricated City.”  In particular, the Netflix series “Annarasumanara” and the drama “If You Say Your Wish,” which were released last year, were praised for delicately drawing deep and deep emotional lines.

Ji Chang Wook will continue to work hard in 2023.   Ji Chang Wook will not only meet global fans with a Bangkok performance of the fan meeting tour “Reach You,” but also meet the public with his intense performance as detective Park Joon Mo, who infiltrated the organization for the Korea-China-Japan drug investigation on Disney+’s “The Worst of Evil” to be unveiled in the second half of this year.

Credits:  Spring Company; Newsen.com; OSEN.com

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  1. I am very excited for Ji Chang Wook. He is an amazing actor/talent. I hope this company takes good care of him and recognize him for the brilliant actor he is. In my opinion his acting skills and abilities are immeasurable. I am an American citizen who have watched everything associated with Ji Chang Wook over and over. He has the ability to draw you in emotionally with every role, rather it is action, romance, comedy or his singing. He is a true Hollywood star! I am waiting in anticipation for his next project on Disney+ “The Worst Evil”.

  2. He is truly a remarkable and blessed individual. Wishing him the best in his new endeavors! 💕💕

  3. Congratulations to JCW and Spring Company! May you have many successes! Your fans will be with you!

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