[Exclusive] Ji Chang Wook is discharged from military service (fan account)

At 8:30am on 27 April 2019, Sergeant Ji Chang Wook officially completed his military enlistment by participating in a small discharge ceremony in front of assembled fans and the press at the 5th Artillery Army Brigade 8726 at Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon Province.  I was fortunate enough to arrange my work schedule to attend in person, so here’s a quick report of the day’s activities!

[Article] How can Ji Chang Wook attend a wedding while serving in the military?

Although Ji Chang Wook is currently serving in the military, he attended a wedding ceremony held at a hotel in Seoul on 9 February 2019.  Ji Chang Wook was on leave and used his vacation time to attend, but what is the military vacation system like?

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[Musical] Ji Chang Wook promotes “Shinheung Military School” at Korea’s National Assembly

On 24 October, lead members Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha Neul and Kim Sungkyu from the cast of musical “Shinheung Military School” visited Korea’s National Assembly, continuing with promotions of the musical during the Korean Military’s 70th anniversary year. Continue reading