[Award/Tutorial] Ji Chang Wook nominated for popularity award at 2018 Asia Artist Awards

Ji Chang Wook is still out to grab some awards even though he’s in the army! 

Ji Chang Wook is among the 100 actors who are in the run for the popularity award at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards.

This award will be 100% decided by online polling. Voting has already commenced and will end on 12 October 2018, 5pm KST. Only the top 50 will proceed to the next round.

To vote, visit this link https://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/preVote.html?type=mactor

Each user is entitled to 5 votes each day. 

Locate him on the list and click on the words “ํˆฌํ‘œํ•˜๊ธฐ (Vote)” beneath his name.

You will then be directed to a login page, where you can choose to sign in using your Kakao, Facebook, Twitter, Google or Line account. 

After keying in your login details, you will arrive at a page with terms and conditions. Just tick the two check boxes to agree.

After ticking the two boxes, click on the red button at the bottom of the page to register as a member.

Once you are done, a pop up message will say that you are successfully registered. Now go ahead and cast your vote! 

[Magazine] Lady Kyunghyang, November 2010 issue – Rookie actor Ji Chang Wook

Resuming our trip down Memory Lane, we present an interview and small photoshoot that Ji Chang Wook gave to Korean women’s magazine Lady Kyunghyang in November 2010, shortly after landing the lead role in “Smile Donghae.”  Enjoy!

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