[Interview] 20100222 Now News – ‘Hero’ Ji Chang Wook “I have no role model or ideal type”

“I do not wish to lie to audiences. Pretending to be angry when I’m not, smiling when I’m not enjoying myself… I really do not wish to do that. But that is very difficult.”

Is it his dream to become an actor who does not lie? A rookie actor whom we met at a coffee shop recently revealed a rather unusual acting mindset. But this rookie does not have a role model either. He is none other than Ji Chang Wook who played the role of a reporter with a unique personality in the MBC drama “Hero” that ended last month.

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[Magazine] Woman Sense, September 2017 issue – Ji Chang Wook’s last interview before enlistment

His appearances are not ordinary, but his personality is very ordinary. And that’s why he shines even more. Ji Chang Wook enlisted at the Gangwon Province Cheorwon training institute on 14 August. There are many problems concerning celebrities’ army enlistment these days, yet he enlisted coolly for active duty. We met up with him at a restaurant in Yeouido before he enlisted.

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