[Instagram Update] 3 July 2020

생일을 기념하여 많은분들께서 이렇게 좋은 마음을 모아주셨어요. 여러분들은 정말 멋진 사람입니다. 많이 배워요 고맙고 사랑합니다 💕

A lot of people gathered their hearts to celebrate my birthday.  You all are really wonderful people.  I learned a lot.  Thank you and I love you.💕

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[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung receive hands-on training for “Backstreet Rookie”

GS25 Convenience Stores, operated by GS Retail, announced on 18 June that it will produce and support SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Backstreet Rookie,” which will begin its first broadcast at 10:00pm on 19 June.  GS Retail expects to improve its brand image through natural exposure.

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