Schedule [updated 23 April 2017]


(Unless otherwise stated, all times listed below are in Korean Standard Time)

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April 2017:
4 April (Tues.), 11:00am:  First script table read for upcoming SBS drama “Suspicious Partner”
5 April (Wed.):  Release date of “You Want To Know More! Korea Drama TV” magazine Vol.78 (もっと知りたい!韓国TVドラマ vol.78) (cover, interview and photoshoot)
8 April (Sat.), time TBD:  Appearance at tvN Movies Channel launch event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (info here) (recap here)
9 April (Sun.), 8:00pm (local time):  #Diary JCW 2017 Fan Meeting, Star Hall at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC) (info here)
14 April (Fri.):  Ji Chang Wook appearance at “The K2 Talk, Games & Present Corner” in Tokyo, Japan (private event; venue and time N/A)
15 April (Sat.):Ji Chang Wook appearance at “The K2 Talk, Games & Present Corner” in Osaka, Japan (private event; venue and time N/A)

20 April (Thurs.):  Premiere of “Fabricated City” (Thailand and Singapore)

21 April (Fri.):  Release date of Malaysian magazine E-POP Weekly, Issue #611 (featuring cover, interview and photoshoot)

21 April (Fri.), 2:00pm:  Appearance and fansign as Korean endorser of Italian luxury eyewear brand POLICE (Hyundai Department Store, Gangnam-gu, Seoul) (info here)

22 April (Sat.):  Release date for May 2017 Hanryu Pia (韓流ぴあ) magazine (“The K2” interview and photoshoot)

25 April (Tues.):  Release date of KWave M magazine Issue 48 (featuring cover, interview and photoshoot)

May 2017:
10 May (Wed.):  First broadcast of SBS drama “Suspicious Partner”
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21 June 2015 (Sun.): Love and Hallyu Carnival, Chendu, China (appearance tentatively set for 8:00-9:00pm) (info here) cancelled due to the MERS outbreak


Movie “Two Constables” (“Two Patrol” / “두포졸”), co-starring with Seol Kyeong Gu.  Based in the Joseon times during the era of King Seongjeon, this movie tells the story of a veteran fraud policeman suddenly finding himself paired up with a rookie soldier while on the hunt for corruption in the Royal Court, thereby putting all the noblemen in fear.  This production will be helmed by esteemed director Kang Woo Suk, who also directed the previous iterations of this buddy-cop trilogy (“Two Cops” and “Two Cops 2”).  Production of the movie has been postponed due to funding problems, and it remains to be seen if the film will be released at all.  (Our article on the production issues is here.)


January 2017:

5 January (Thurs.):  Release date for Hallyu Love Story Complete Guide (韓流ラブストーリー完全ガイド きらめく恋号 (COSMIC MOOK)

9 January (Mon.), 11:00am: Press conference for movie “Fabricated City,” to be held at the CGV Apgujeong Theatre Complex, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (review)

13 January (Fri.), 7:00 PM:  Presenting the Daesang (Grand Prize) at the 31st Golden Disk Awards (recap)

19 January (Thurs.), 7:00 PM:  Presenting the Bonsang (Junior Prize) at the 26th Seoul Music Awards (recap)

18 January (Wed.):  Premiere of “The K2” on Mnet Japan (info here)

21 January (Sat.):  Ji Chang Wook 1st Fan Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand (info here; recap)

22 January (Sun.):  Seongnam performances in Musical “The Days” at the Seongnam Arts Center Opera House; 2:00pm with Oh Man Seok, and 6:30pm with Min Young Ki (info here)

21 January (Sat.):  Release date for February 2017 Hanryu Pia magazine (interview and photoshoot)

23 January (Mon.): Release date for February 2017 issue of Marie Claire Korea (interview and photoshoot)

24 January (Tues.):  Release date for haru*hana magazine [Vol.40] (interview and photoshoot)

26 January (Thurs.):  Release date of It’s KOREAL March 2017 magazine (interview and photoshoot featuring Ji Chang Wook)

28 January (Sat.):  Appearance on KBS2’s “Entertainment Relay” variety show

31 January (Tues.):  Release date for Star Focus Magazine, February 2017 issue (cover feature and interview)

February 2017:

2 February (Thurs.):  Release date for 1st Look magazine, Issue #127; interview and photoshoot (info here)
2 February (Thurs.), 4:00pm:  V Movie chat on VApp with Ji Chang Wook to promote “Fabricated City”

4 February (Sat.):  Appearance on KBS2’s “Yeo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” to promote “Fabricated City”

6 February (Mon.):  VIP Premiere and Showcase for “Fabricated City” (info here)

6 February (Mon.):  Release date of “You Want To Know More! Korea Drama TV” magazine Vol.77 (もっと知りたい!韓国TVドラマ vol.77) (interview and photoshoot)

9 February (Thurs.):  Premiere of “Fabricated City” (Korea)

17 February (Fri.):  JCW 3rd Concert — “A Love Song to Send to You” in Tokyo, Japan (info here)

17 February (Fri.):   Premiere of “Fabricated City” in North America (info here)

22 February (Wed.):  Release date for March 2017 Hanryu Pia magazine (interview and photoshoot)

March 2017:

3 March (Fri.):  Release date for March 2017 issue of 10+Star magazine (featuring interview with Ji Chang Wook)

3 March (Fri.): Release date for March 2017 issue of TopClass magazine (featuring cover and interview with Ji Chang Wook)

5 March (Sunday.):  Premiere of “Fabricated City” (Indonesia)

11 March (Sat.), 7:30pm (local time):  #Diary 2017 JCW Fan Meeting, Plenary Hall at the Taipei International Convention Centre (TICC), Taipei City, Taipei (info here)

17 March (Fri.)  Appearance at the Xinjiang 315 International Motor Show, Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center in the city of Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China (info here)  Appearance cancelled; no reason given by either Glorious nor Motor Show promoters.
24 March (Fri.): Release date for April 2017 issue of 10+Star magazine (featuring cover and interview with Ji Chang Wook)