[Event] Ji Chang Wook’s “Be With You” Shenzhen concert ticketing details

24 December update:
Glorious Entertainment has announced that the Shenzhen concert has been postponed indefinitely in light of the recent landslide in Shenzhen. The organisers are still working out the ticket refund process.

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Ticketing details have been released for Ji Chang Wook’s upcoming concert in Shenzhen.

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[Event] Ji Chang Wook and QQ Music special event announced [updated]


According to QQ.Music, 22 November is the release date for Wook’s digital album to QQ subscribers in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.  (International sales are not offered because QQ Music is blocked for the countries not listed above.)  The album contains the songs, a nameplate, exclusive pictures and a letter from Wook… and hopefully more cute pictures of him and his new puppy!  *swoons*

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[Event] Ji Chang Wook to release Chinese EP and hold concert tour in China

Ji Chang Wook was in Beijing yesterday (29 October) to attend a ceremony to officially sign his contract with Chinese music agency Bravo Music (梦响当然). This tie-up will officially launch his music career and help him break into the Chinese market.

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