[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook for 1st Look – Forever Young

He has done a lot, but still is thirsty for something new.  He built himself with more sincerity than anyone else, but still has a lot to fulfill.  Although he is an adult and has become a leading actor, he says that he wants to continue to stay young and keep the heart he had at his beginnings.  This is how Ji Chang Wook is today.

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[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook “I feel comfortable in my 30s”

Actor Ji Chang Wook, who once again proved his acting skills and charm through the drama “Convenience Store Saet Byeol,” unveiled a pictorial with NewBIN AR, Korea’s first augmented reality magazine.

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[Interview] ‘Asia’s Prince’ Ji Chang Wook returns with “Melting Me”

With the upcoming premiere of “Melting Me” (“Boku o tokashite kure”) scheduled for 23 March on Japan’s Mnet network, Ji Chang Wook sat down with Japanese online magazine Marisol to talk about the upcoming drama and other sundry items.  Note:  All references to Ji Chang Wook’s prior works will be referred to herein by their Japanese names as referenced in the interview, which was held after his “Waiting For You” fan meeting in Yokohama on 11 January 2020.

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[Event/CF] Let’s Do Something Fun! Contest with Ji Chang Wook

As promised a few weeks ago, Lotte Duty Free has finally premiered its promotion entitled “Let’s Do Something Fun!” with one of its biggest-name endorsers, Ji Chang Wook.  Let’s take a look at what LDF has in store (no pun intended) for his fans!

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[Event/CF] Ji Chang Wook shows off his ‘Boss Style’ for Lotte Duty Free

As one of its endorsers, Ji Chang Wook attended the Grand Opening of Lotte Duty Free’s newest store at the Nội Bài International Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam on 26 July, 2019. Continue reading