[Magazine] Lady Kyunghyang, November 2010 issue – Rookie actor Ji Chang Wook

Resuming our trip down Memory Lane, we present an interview and small photoshoot that Ji Chang Wook gave to Korean women’s magazine Lady Kyunghyang in November 2010, shortly after landing the lead role in “Smile Donghae.”  Enjoy!

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[Magazine] Woman Sense, September 2017 issue – Ji Chang Wook’s last interview before enlistment

His appearances are not ordinary, but his personality is very ordinary. And that’s why he shines even more. Ji Chang Wook enlisted at the Gangwon Province Cheorwon training institute on 14 August. There are many problems concerning celebrities’ army enlistment these days, yet he enlisted coolly for active duty. We met up with him at a restaurant in Yeouido before he enlisted.

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[Magazine/CF] 1st Look, Volume 141 – Missing You

Ji Chang Wook who is both a “master of action” and “master of kissing”. For a while, we won’t be able to meet this man who channels both masculinity and youthfulness, this man who mesmerises women with his sweet expressions. One day in late summer prior to his enlistment, we have our final chat with Ji Chang Wook on the set of the CF filming for Fossil.

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[Magazine] 10+Star, Issue 70 (Part 2) – Close-up of Ji Chang Wook

This is part 2 of Ji Chang Wook’s interview in 10+Star magazine. Click here for part 1.

Your personality seems to be more introverted.
If we get closer, I become livelier and I will also fool around a lot, but I’m very shy at first. But having done many interviews, I’ve gotten more used to talking about myself.

Do you like to read books?
I have many comic books at home (laughs). Recently, I bought the whole series of a comic called “Piano no Mori” except for two volumes. I enjoyed reading it a lot when I was younger, but it is now out of print so I am not able to buy it. 

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[Magazine] 10+Star, Issue 70 – The Real Ji Chang Wook Without Grand Modifiers

Ji Chang Wook said his hobby is to ride his bike. Although he doesn’t like speed, he likes the feel of the wind when riding on a bike, he said with a soft expression. At one point in time, the words used to describe Ji Chang Wook were “action”, “intense”, “fighting spirit” and “rough”, etc. But the Ji Chang Wook who is seated facing us in reality is a simple and ordinary youth who enjoys acting and dreams of having a happy family. We had an easygoing chat with the real Ji Chang Wook without grand modifiers.

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