[Magazine] U-Weekly Issue 576 – New Action Star, Ji Chang Wook


Ji Chang Wook (29), who is about to enlist in the army next year, has been dubbed an “expert action star” by the Korean media after starring in the drama “The K2”. Most Korean A-list actors reportedly prefer to star in short romance comedies that are around 20 episodes long, because they find action films too tiring and long-running dramas take too long to film. But Ji Chang Wook is not like that.

Five years ago, Ji Chang Wook shot to fame in the 159-episode daily drama “Smile Donghae”, and his performance in every show has left a deep impression on audiences. Maybe because he has prior experience in a daily drama, Ji Chang Wook has an especially large number of older female fans.

This is our second time interviewing Ji Chang Wook. In the interview this time around, we found Ji Chang Wook to be more steady and matured than other young male actors. We are really looking forward to his outstanding performance in his next piece of work! Continue reading

[Magazine] Harper’s Bazaar, September 2016 Issue – Ji Chang Wook’s Earnest Jokes


There are people who reveal their true faces in jokes instead of serious debates. He who is totally against dating openly because he doesn’t wish to make a big deal out of it, and who still claims that he does not know how to make himself appealing, actor Ji Chang Wook who debuted 8 years ago is such a man. That’s why we had a chat with him. About his dilemma regarding dieting, tears and dating.  Continue reading

[Magazine] Vogue Korea, October 2016 issue – Ordinary Miracle

Ji Chang Wook and YoonA who are preparing for their drama “The K2” chose the keyword “change”.  A miracle in life can also happen in a sincere heart that wants to protect someone. What could the both of them wish to protect?

It was midnight. The mood of a calm night filled the studio as the world slept. This was the only time that the two leads of tvN drama, Ji Chang Wook and YoonA, could gather at one place. In between the busy preparations for filming, the two needles of the clock that met at 12 started moving further apart once again. YoonA, who appeared with flowing brown hair and dressed in a simple white shirt, had a face like it was 11am in the morning.

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[Magazine] Noblesse Men, Issue #6 – Ji Chang Wook lives for today


Ji Chang Wook is an actor who is leading the Hallyu wave. The dramas that he have starred in as the lead were highly popular not just in Korea, but also in China and Japan. This is a rare instance where even his name is like a brand.  But he is still a distance away from a grand title like “Hallyu star”. He is just a man who lives each day to the fullest.

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[Magazine] iWeekly, Issue 953 – Ji Chang Wook: Naturally loved when seen by anyone


It’s not just Lee Minho and Kim Soohyun who can hold up half the sky on their own in the Korean entertainment circle. There’s also them.

He was probably born with a charm that is able to capture the hearts of many and no one can withstand it. He is like this both on screen and off screen. I’m talking about, Ji Chang Wook. 

He already stood out in “Smile Donghae” in 2010, but it was because of “Empress Ki” in 2013 that he became popular. Never mind that he loved her and she loved another man, there was only one Empress Ki in his eyes. He worked hard to better himself, transforming from a puppet emperor to a true sovereign, and even sacrificed his life to help her get rid of her political enemies. It’s not possible that one isn’t moved by that, especially for female audiences. 

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