[Interview] 20161119 Top Star News – “The K2” Ji Chang Wook “If I had a bodyguard like Kim Jae Ha…”


Q. How have you been since “The K2” ended?
I haven’t rested yet. I continued to have schedules after the drama ended so I haven’t rested much yet. I probably be able to rest a little after finishing the last interview today. I want to meet up with friends whom I didn’t get to see all this while, chat with them and have a drink. I’ve been collecting comic books recently, so I’ve been wanting to create a small room for books at home, and I’m steadily collecting comic books these days.

Q. Did you like the ending?
Personally, I prefer sad endings. I like sad endings because happy endings that end with “And they lived happily ever after” seem too obvious, but the final scene with the kiss scene shot in Spain turned out more prettily than I had expected, so it seemed alright.

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[Interview] 20161114 – Ji Chang Wook “The K2” interview with Sports Chosun

Ji Chang Wook is now an action star.

We met up with Ji Chang Wook who showed passionate acting in the tvN Friday-Saturday drama “The K2”. After wrapping up the show, Ji Chang Wook said, “Our last filming ended around 4am in the morning. Reality hit me after I slept and woke up. Actually, I thought reality would set in after filming the last scene, but the staff members were tired and Director Kwak Jung Hwan wasn’t even able to film the last scene because he had to go and edit the footage, so I didn’t feel it since we just ended like that. Waking up after sleeping, I felt happy because I didn’t have to look at the script anymore.”

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[Pictorial] Ji Chang Wook post-The K2 interview press pictures (Warning: Image heavy)

It’s that time again!  The standard post-drama interviews with Ji Chang Wook are starting to fill up our news feeds, as all the sites in Korea decided to release their various chats with him over the past few days, and there will likely be more to come.

It is a common routine for news sites to conduct a round of interviews with actors every time they have completed a drama, and then release all their interviews on the same day.  We will be consolidating his various press photos here, so check back in from time-to-time as our post will be updated as and when there are new interview pictures released.

Due to the sheer number of interview articles released, it will be impossible for us translate every single one.  As many articles contain similar or repeated content, we will only be translating those that contain substantial new information about him.

For now, just enjoy the pictures!

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