Commenting Guidelines


Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen hopes to create a friendly environment where all fans can engage in civil and meaningful discussions about Actor Ji Chang Wook.  We moderate all comments here at The Kitchen, so here are a few guidelines for you to take note of:

1. Please write in English.  First and foremost, the main reason we set up this site is to provide news and information about Ji Chang Wook in English.  We respectfully request that all comments be in English, try not to SHOUT IN ALL CAPS, and also not utilize Internet shorthand-speak… because we both really hate to use Google Translate in order to understand what you are trying to say.

2. Please be tactful and avoid discussing personal/sensitive issues.  As fans, we believe in supporting Ji Chang Wook in his projects, but that does not give us the right to pry into his private life. Whether he smokes, has a girlfriend or has/had plastic surgery is a matter of his own choice.  Same goes for questions about Ji Chang Wook’s family members; we are not at liberty to divulge such information.  Openly discussing such issues only makes it easier for anti-fans to spew hate about him, and we don’t want our site to become a facilitator for such evil discourse.

3. Please do not post your “love letters” on our site.  The Kitchen is only run by two admins who are in no way related to Ji Chang Wook or Glorious Entertainment. We receive an email for every comment posted on this site, so please do not write your comments as though you are writing directly to Ji Chang Wook (imagine us receiving countless emails with “MARRY ME, OPPA!!!” *faints*).  It is highly unlikely he will be reading your comments on this site (although we wouldn’t mind him lurking).

4.  Please do not ask for his contact information or his upcoming schedule.  As we’ve mentioned above, we do not have a direct pipeline to any of Ji Chang Wook’s official Korean or Japanese fan clubs or his management agency.  We respect the relationships we have in place with these entities, and will not forward on any requests for autographs, his mailing address, merchandise, DNA samples, etc.  With regards to any upcoming performances or fan meetings, we will always update the site when there are announcements of such events, so please read through our updates or check his schedule here.

5. Please do not post your personal details.  As this is a public space, please do not reveal details such as contact numbers, home addresses, photos of yourself or other identifying items in your comments.  It’s a scary world out there on the Internet, and we do not want to be held responsible if any of your personal information fell into the wrong hands.

6. Please do not bash other stars.  There is no need to criticise other celebrities in order to make Ji Chang Wook look better, and neither does he need to be compared with others. Please give due respect to other celebrities and their respective fan bases.

7.  Please refrain from “couple shipping.” This is a fan site dedicated solely to Ji Chang Wook, so we’d appreciate if you avoid discussions about his pairings with current and former actresses in his various projects.  Please support and discuss Ji Chang Wook as an individual in his own right and avoid mentioning the names of other stars unnecessarily.  Also please do not screencap our magazine and interview translations in order to “justify” your purported ship.  Casual readers may take certain translations out of context and start a shipping war, and we do not want to be involved in any part of those.

8.  Please do not send us requests for translations or streaming/upload/download links.  We cannot provide streaming or download links because our host ISP does not allow us to do so.  We also do not have the time or bandwidth to translate each and every interview/video/social media post featuring Ji Chang Wook.  We hope to plow through some of the backlog when time allows… but that time is not right now.  Unless someone knows of a good cloning process.

9.  Please do not promote non-official polls/other fan sites/merchandise for sale, etc.  We would prefer to keep this site free from commercial endeavours and superfluous information.  Hence, we will not entertain requests to advertise or do bulk purchase of Ji Chang Wook books/posters/CDs/other merchandise on this site, especially non-official goods.  Also, apart from polls conducted as part of major award ceremonies in Korea (e.g., the year-end Drama Awards by the three major TV stations, Baeksang Arts Awards, Asia Actor Awards, etc.), we will not help to publicise voting for any non-official polls that do not directly benefit his career.

10. Please do not spam our site.  Lastly, because we need to moderate all comments, it may be a few hours before we can get to reviewing our emails.  If your comment does not appear, it may be because it did not adhere to any of the criteria noted above.  Repeated postings of the same comment will be treated as spam, not allowed, and deleted accordingly.