[Interview] Newsen – Ji Chang Wook reveals his thoughts about historical distortion in Empress Ki


Ji Chang Wook revealed his frank thoughts about the controversy of historical distortion surrounding “Empress Ki”.

The Mon-Tues MBC drama “Empress Ki” which concluded last month, maintained its number 1 position in its timeslot throughout its airing with high viewership, and was also a hot topic of discussion. Before its airing, the controversy over historical distortion which sparked concerns from many people was quelled somewhat by emphasizing the show as a faction sageuk. The show then won over the hearts of many with its exciting story.

In a recent interview, Ji Chang Wook revealed the sense of responsibility he felt as an actor amid the controversy.

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[News] Ji Chang Wook on the prowl in Hong Kong

As we reported earlier, Ji Chang Wook spent two days in Hong Kong from 15-16 August in a photoshoot for an unknown publication.  We were treated to some behind-the-scenes shots of this upcoming shoot via professional photographer Choi Seung Kwang on his Instragram account.  It looks like a stroke of luck that the group was given unlimited access to one of the bridges leading down to the waterfront:


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[Magazine] Sure, August 2014 issue – Diligent actor, Ji Chang Wook

Guilty Pleasure

It has been two months since he bade farewell to Ta Hwan in “Empress Ki”. We met up with Ji Chang Wook who is enjoying a nice break.


Ji Chang Wook is an ordinary person. Of course, we are not talking about his looks here. Even though Ta Hwan was not an easy character to empathise with, Ji Chang Wook was strong and was never once swayed because of Ta Hwan. This sense of balance is acquired through constant hard work. The Ji Chang Wook on a usual day is a diligent person. He would act diligently, while on his free days, he would go about his daily life calmly.  Thankfully, from Ji Chang Wook, we do not sense any of the pretentiousness or fussiness that celebrities think they are entitled to because of their status.

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[Interview] eNews 24 – The blessed gift of the name Ji Chang Wook


The power of a character can be scary. It still feels awkward looking at Ta Hwan stripped of his royal robes. So strong is the impression he has made as that character.

With the airing of the 51st episode, the 6-month-long run of the MBC Mon-Tues drama “Empress Ki” finally drew to a close. Ji Chang Wook, who showed the Yuan Emperor Ta Hwan’s affectionate and heartbreaking love for Seung Nyang in the drama, commanded a great presence right till the end as the show concluded with a sad ending.

The past 6 months was no easy journey for Ji Chang Wook either. Taking into account the filming period in addition to the 6 months, he had been immersed in the show for a whole 9 months. To put things differently, “Empress Ki” can be considered as the drama that showed the growth of Ji Chang Wook.

This makes us curious now. If there was no Ji Chang Wook, would this journey have been possible? Ji Chang Wook successfully became one with his character through his passionate acting, such that there is no need for any doubts about him anymore.

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