[Magazine] The Celebrity, March 2014 Issue: One night meeting with Ji Chang Wook



On a night walk with Ji Chang Wook.  Calling him out on a night that makes one all the more sensitive to the surroundings, I said I wanted to meet “Ji Chang Wook” and not the emperor “Ta Hwan”. Nevertheless, whether he was passing through the long tunnel blanketed by cold air or crossing the desolate streets, he was always unperturbed.

The night is no stranger to Ji Chang Wook.  During his rest days, he sweats it out with a game of late-night soccer with his friends, or walks around alone letting his thoughts flow. On his rest day where there is no “Empress Ki” filming, we met him not at the studio in the day, but under a bridge at the Han River at night.  On a day where the wind seems to be faster than the speed of a car, he walked in the quiet lighted underpass and along the middle of the road. Each time a question was thrown at him, he would stop and purse his lips, the cautious look of him buried in thought strangely matches with the silence of the street that day.

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[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook Preview for Arena Homme+ Magazine [updated 21 July 2014]

Here are some of the first shots of Ji Chang Wook’s feature for the August issue of men’s fashion magazine, Arena Homme+, courtesy of @aozora8779 and TopStarNews.net.  It could be due to the black-and-white effect of the photos, but his somewhat scruffy appearance in the photo is reminiscent of the bad-boy rocker look he sported in this year’s Elle magazine. Or at least, that’s the first thought that came to our mind. If you liked what you saw in Elle, then this might just float your boat.


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[Interview] The Star – Ji Chang Wook “A fantasy-like romance, is that possible in reality?”



The man who only had eyes for one woman even till his point of death. In this modern age of high-speed consumption, such a person is hard to find these days. Because of its rarity, this is the kind of man that women of today dream of. A man who would only look at me; a man who loves me only. In the drama “Empress Ki”, Ta Hwan loved Seung Nyang, obsessed over her, and even in his dying moments, he wanted to hear her say the words “I love you.”  He was a man who believed in pure love.

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[Award] Vote for Ji Chang Wook at the 2014 Seoul International Drama Awards

It’s that time of year again, and fortunately we have someone to ACTUALLY VOTE FOR at the Seoul International Drama Awards!  “Empress Ki” has been nominated for Best Serial Drama, and both Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook are nominated for Best Actress and Best Actor, respectively.  So we need our readers’ help in getting out the vote!  Here’s what ya do:

1.  Log into the Soompi.com website through your Facebook account at this address: www.soompi.com/seoul-international-drama-awards-2014.  You MUST log in using Facebook exclusively or else your vote will not count.

2.  Once you are logged in, click the big blue button that says VOTE NOW, and that will take you to the voting site.

3.  You will see three buttons for “Korean Drama,” “Actor” and “Actress.”  When you click “Actor,” Ji Chang Wook (portraying Ta Hwan) is listed in the top row.  Click and vote!

JCW Seoul Drama Awards

4.  Oh, and while you’re in there, vote for “Empress Ki” and Ha Ji Won in their categories too!

Voting is open until 3 August 2014 at 11:59 PM Korean time.  The Soompi votes will account for 50% of the totals, with the other 50% coming from the Drama Awards Judges themselves.  All the winners for the three sub-categories will be announced and honored at the awards ceremony on the evening of September 4 and will be televised live on SBS TV.

You can vote only once every 24 hours, so set your watches, synchronize your mobile devices, and mark your calendars.  Uri Emperor Puppy needs all the votes that we can get him!!!  LET’S GET HIM ON THAT STAGE!!!



[Interview] Star N News – Ji Chang Wook “Ten years later, I wish to be a good senior and actor”

“Words like ‘the discovery of Ji Chang Wook’ make me feel embarrassed and ashamed sometimes. But it’s a very good thing. I’m very thankful and happy about it.”

Ji Chang Wook, who portrayed the complex inner self and life of Emperor Ta Hwan in the recently concluded MBC drama “Empress Ki”, has been dubbed as the biggest beneficiary and an unexpected star of the show, and has received praise for demonstrating an acting ability that exceeded expectations.

But in reality, Ji Chang Wook did not know if he was even prepared to play Ta Hwan.

Ji Chang Wook, who came to the audience’s attention through “Smile Donghae”, has taken on different kinds of characters such as a youth, a warrior and an antagonist in shows like “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”, “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” and “Five Fingers”. Add on his role as Ta Hwan, and viewers now have a “Ji Chang Wook Complete Gift Set” with increased anticipation for Ji Chang Wook’s future works.

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