[CF] More of Ji Chang Wook keeping warm for the AMH 2016 Fall/Winter collection

Just as there’s cotton and wool to be sewn into clothing, there will always be a model for these creations.  To that end, AMH has released additional photos from their 2016 Fall/Winter collection featuring Ji Chang Wook all bundled up during what has been one of the hottest Korean summers on record.  What a trouper!  😀 Continue reading

[CF] Ji Chang Wook returns with more summery fashions for AMH

Please bear with us as we try to catch up with all the news and events that happened whilst we were both travelling.  Most of all, major thanks to AMH for releasing even more Ji Chang Wook stills from their 2016 Spring/Summer collection featured on China’s TMall website.  Take a look at all the pretty here!

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