[Magazine] Arena Homme August 2014 Issue – Ji Chang Wook’s Drama

To Ji Chang Wook, ‘Empress Ki’ was a drama akin to a long marathon where he had to control his pace with long breaths. The life of this actor, who improves with sincerity and perseverance instead of innate talent, is a drama in itself.

Ji Chang Wook, who debuted at the age of 20 and is now living his twenties as an actor, lives his life focusing on each and every scenery that passes him rather than on speed or records. Each time a show ends, he is satisfied and thankful that people remember him by his character’s name. After Empress Ki ended, he became known to people as “Ji Chang Wook“ and also became a topic of discussion, but he is not too excited about it and is able to laugh calmly instead. He is not an actor who became famous with only one show, and neither is he an actor who only did one show. Having high esteem but not arrogant; enjoying the present but uncertain about the future – this is the mental attitude of Ji Chang Wook. Till now, there are also many dramas being written and added to the life of Ji Chang Wook.  Looking at Ji Chang Wook’s smile, we now know that a person who understands what sadness is will be able to laugh better.

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[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook Preview for Arena Homme+ Magazine [updated 21 July 2014]

Here are some of the first shots of Ji Chang Wook’s feature for the August issue of men’s fashion magazine, Arena Homme+, courtesy of @aozora8779 and TopStarNews.net.  It could be due to the black-and-white effect of the photos, but his somewhat scruffy appearance in the photo is reminiscent of the bad-boy rocker look he sported in this year’s Elle magazine. Or at least, that’s the first thought that came to our mind. If you liked what you saw in Elle, then this might just float your boat.


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