[Photo] Ji Chang Wook behind-scenes photos for “Be With You”

Glorious Entertainment recently shared a few B-cuts of Ji Chang Wook’s liner notes photoshoot for his Chinese mini-album “Be With You,” which was released in December 2015.  Kkoma (a Bedlington Terrier) was barely two months old when these photos were taken.  I can’t decide which puppy is cuter! 💕💕💕

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[Event] Ji Chang Wook receives award at Tencent App Star Night (updated)

The 2nd annual Tencent App Star Awards were held on 17 January 2016 at the Workers’ Stadium in Beijing, China.  Ji Chang Wook was invited to the ceremony and in addition to presenting an award, received one himself for “Most Popular Korean Artist of the Year.”  He also performed live “Pei Ni” (“Be With You”) from his recent EP release.

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[Music] Ji Chang Wook wins praise for his professionalism at New Year countdown concert


Ji Chang Wook joined the Jiangsu TV New Year Countdown Concert on 31 December, where he performed the Korean version of Jay Chou’s classic song “Starry Mood” that was recorded in his first Chinese EP “Be With You”, and also did the countdown to the new year with everyone; he also teamed up with Sha Bao Liang to perform the classic song “An Xiang (暗香)”, and amazed the audience with his accurate Chinese pronunciation.

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