[Event] Ji Chang Wook holds birthday party with fans [Updated]


The birthday boy poses for a selca at the dressing room

After having to postpone his birthday party/fan meeting due to the MERS outbreak, Ji Chang Wook was finally able to hold his party on his lunar birthday (which fell on 25 July this year) at the Olympic Park in Seoul. Tickets were snapped up like hot cakes (pun intended) so we weren’t able to attend his party, but judging from fan accounts, it sounded like a blast! The following is a summary of the birthday party based on information gathered from those who attended the event.

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[Event] Ji Chang Wook to celebrate his birthday with fans [updated]

30 June update:

Event date and time: 25 July 2015, 6pm KST
Venue: Woori Financial Art Hall, Olympic Park
Price: 32,900 won (same for all seats)
Running time: 90 minutes
*For audiences above 8 years old

Celebrate Ji Chang Wook’s 29th birthday at the concert with a live band!

Ticket sales begin on 2 July at 8pm KST via Interpark.

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Happy Birthday Ji Chang Wook!

Happy Birthday JCW2

Welcome to Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen!  Your two authors decided to put together a website in which we extol the virtues and superlatives attached to a certain South Korean actor/model/musical star named Ji Chang Wook.  We both are huge fans of Changwook and tossed around several ideas about putting together a fan blog for him where we did not have to be limited in keeping to a pre-determined format.  We hope that by providing English translations to various news reports, magazine interviews, and other miscellaneous items, this site will help to spread the word about Ji Chang Wook internationally in other countries outside of Asia.

Why is it named “Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen”?  Anyone familiar with the actor knows that he loves to eat.  Anywhere, anytime… on the filming set, on the road, at photoshoots, etc.  No bowl of rice nor piece of grilled chicken is safe from his hungry clutches, and we have the evidence to prove it… amongst other goodies we’ve been working hard on over the past few months.  All of these mouth-watering tidbits you will find inside “The Kitchen,”  and we hope you enjoy your visits.  The menu changes often, so if there is a dish or other item you want to be included in future posts, leave us a note in the comments.

And another reason we decided to launch this site on a most auspicious day — on 5 July 2014 we are celebrating his 27th (28th Korean) birthday. Because we both could not be there in person this year, the video below is The Kitchen’s gift to The Birthday Boy accordingly.  Enjoy and bon appetit!