[Magazine] Ceci China, June 2015 issue – The Power of Ji Chang Wook


In the dramas “Smile Donghae” and “Empress Ki”, Ji Chang Wook won the Excellence Actor award from KBS and MBC respectively with his outstanding acting abilities, but the show that gave him widespread popularity across Asia is still the drama “Healer”. This drama showcased the romance typical of Korea dramas, and also combined comedy, intrigue, and other elements, describing the story of a courier named “Healer” who disguises himself as a reporter to find out about the past and finds true love at the same time. When asked what was the charm of Healer Seo Jung Hu that attracted him, Ji Chang Wook said he likes this kind of role that has a concrete image and also is fun at the same time. “Seo Jung Hu was lonely at first; he does not like being with other people; all he wanted was to earn money to buy a deserted island and live there alone, until Chae Young Shin appeared in his life, he started to protect and love her, and steadily opened up his heart to her. The character went from cold to one that understands others, and even loved others. This process greatly touched me, giving me a lot of room to explore and find out his inner self.”

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