[Magazine] Ceci, February 2014 Issue – Vibrant red light, Ji Chang Wook

Note: Lines in bold are questions from the interviewer. Anything in brackets with a * are additional comments from me. 

50-episode drama “Empress Ki” is approaching its halfway mark. Response has been very warm recently.

When I think back on how worried and vexed I was in the beginning, it seems like a lot of time has since passed. It’s fortunate that the audience like “Empress Ki” and I’m thankful for that. Although the weather is cold, the atmosphere at the set is very warm thanks to everyone.

Ta Hwan is a 3-dimensional character with emotional highs and lows.

Recently, there have been many nicknames such as Jealous Ta Hwan, Childish Ta Hwan and Serious Ta Hwan. The position of an emperor is such a lonely and tiring one. Because he is powerless, he lives surrounded by jealousy and evil scheming. He displays immature and foolish behaviour because he is vulnerable. He hasn’t been loved, doesn’t know how to love and has no idea what love is. Isn’t he very pitiful? Continue reading