[Movie] Ji Chang Wook guests on KBS radio for “Fabricated City”

Ji Chang Wook made his first Viewable Radio (Bora) appearance today on KBS Cool FM “Jo Yoon Hee’s Volume Up” to promote his movie “Fabricated City”.

*Note: Viewable Radio, or “bora”, is a type of radio broadcast in Korea that enables you to watch what is happening in the studio through a live stream online. 

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[Instagram Update] 3 February 2017


조작 금지..!!! 저는 영화 홍보차 이제 곧 “조윤희의 볼륨을 높여요” 생방에 출연합니다!!! 그와중에 도시락싸들고 와주신 DayRock 여러분 감사합니다!!! 도시락 겁나맛나게 허겁지겁 먹었어여💕

#조작된도시 #보이는라디오 #라디오가 #요즘 #보여 #조윤희의볼륨을높여요

Fabrication prohibited..!!! I’m now about to appear live on “Jo Yoon Hee’s Turn Up the Volume” for movie promotion!!! Besides that, thank you to all DayRock fans who packed the lunch box and came!! The lunch box was totally delicious, I gobbled it up. 💕

#Fabricated City #video streaming radio #radio  #can be seen #these days #Jo Yoon Hee’s Turn Up the Volume

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