[Event/CF] Ji Chang Wook attends Lonsdale fan sign in Hangzhou

On the afternoon of 18 June 2016, endorser Ji Chang Wook attended a Lonsdale fan sign held in Hangzhou, China, and 120 fans who entered Lonsdale’s lucky draw were able to attend the autograph session.  Among the 120, the first 40 were even able to take photos with him! Enjoy some photos of the event after the cut.

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[Weibo Update] 13 September 2015

오늘 론즈데일 행사 무사히 마무리 너무너무 고마워요 덕분에 편하게 즐겁게 오늘 보낼수있었어[心] 조만간 또만나요

Lonsdale event finished safely today.  Thank you very very much. Thanks to you we could spend the day comfortably and happily today.  [心]  See you again soon

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[Event] Ji Chang Wook returns to China for Lonsdale

Not to sound like a broken record, but he’s off again… and not a moment too soon!  The Lonsdale JCW Fan Meeting Party awaits the guest of honour Ji Chang Wook’s presence at 7:00 PM Hangzhou time, so here’s hoping the flight is not delayed.  In the meantime, enjoy these departure shots from Incheon International Airport.  Again.  🙂

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