[Instagram Update] 25 June 2021

배우로서 새로운 도전이었고 신선한 작업이였습니다. 함께해서 너무나 즐거웠고 많이 보고 느끼고 배웠어요. 나의 “진우”를 히든카드로 만들어준 소중한 “발신제한”팀 너무나도 감사합니다!

내일은 특별히 극장에서 관객분들을 만날수있는 기회가 생겼습니다. 내일 만나요 🙂

#발신제한 #화이팅 #감사합니다

It was a new challenge and fresh work as an actor. It was so much fun to be with you, and I saw, felt, and learned a lot. Thank you so much to the precious “Restricted Call” team for making my “Jinwoo” a hidden card!

Tomorrow, I have a special opportunity to meet the audience at the theater. See you tomorrow 🙂

#Restricted Call #Fighting #thank you

[Movie] First look at a rather scruffy Ji Chang Wook in “Restricted Call”

The city chase thriller film “Restricted Call” has unveiled 10 types of sidewalk stills containing explosive thrills and acting skills… and a very rough-looking Ji Chang Wook!

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[Movie] Ji Chang Wook becomes a person of unknown identity in “Restricted Call”

Issue No. 1289 of the Korean film and entertainment magazine Cine21 (씨네21) features Director Kim Chang Joo in an interview regarding his upcoming movie “Restricted Call” (발신제한), starring Jo Woo Jin, Ji Chang Wook and Lee Jae In, which is scheduled for release in 2021.

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