[Eng Sub] 20150506 Ji Chang Wook’s Sohu TV “Healer” Interview


Sohu TV conducted an exclusive interview with Ji Chang Wook in Beijing on 30 April after the “Healer” congratulatory event was over. He doesn’t really talk about “Healer” in the video, but more about his favourite manga, who he wants to invite to his wedding, the prerequisite question about his ideal girlfriend (how many times are reporters going to keep asking that?!), and of course, his favourite topic — food!

Munch on.

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[Event/Eng Sub] Ji Chang Wook celebrates the success of “Healer” on Sohu TV


On 30 April 2015, Ji Chang Wook attended a congratulatory event in Beijing organised by Sohu.com to mark the end of “Healer”, which was aired on that website and has garnered more than 400 million views since it began airing. Held at 2pm under tight security at the Sohu.com Media Plaza, the event was attended by 150 fans who were selected by a draw, but that did not deter other fans from gathering around the barricades for a glimpse of him.
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[Interview] 20150225 Kyunghyang News full interview

Interview with Ji Chang Wook, an actor who walks, bowing repeatedly


– You must be tired because of the relay interview
As I talk while being interviewed, I also get to sort things out, so the time I spend doing interviews becomes time for me to wrap up my project? I think it’s really like that. All the things that happened during that period of time. As I talk, I also keep thinking about what kind of issues were there, about working on a project with these people, and I also think once again about acting, so to me it is a time to sort things out…

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[Review] Healer: End Game


Well wasn’t THAT a fun ride!  65 days after its premiere, “Healer” finally ended.  It’s taken us a few weeks of sitting back and reflecting on its 10-week run before putting fingers to keyboards.  So where to start?  After posting our initial thoughts on the first half of the series here, we will concentrate on the second half of the drama (from Episode 11 to the finale), and then give a general wrap-up of the show as a whole.  Here goes!

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[Interview] 20150223 Ji Chang Wook’s interview with Top Star News


Part 1: ‘Considerate man’ Ji Chang Wook

Actor Ji Chang Wook, who does not see his relationship with the staff as a conventional one between actor and staff, but regards them as fellow hyungs and noonas and wishes to bridge the gap between them in “Healer”, is just like the considerate man we thought he would be.

With a big heart and considerate actions, Ji Chang Wook meticulously took care of not just the people around him but even all the drama staff, showing his affectionate side.

At a round table meeting held at a cafe in Apgujeong on 13 February, Top Star News met Ji Chang Wook who passionately starred as Seo Jung Hu in the drama “Healer”. Ji Chang Wook was also considerate towards the reporters.  
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