[Interview] 20150223 Ji Chang Wook’s interview with Top Star News


Part 1: ‘Considerate man’ Ji Chang Wook

Actor Ji Chang Wook, who does not see his relationship with the staff as a conventional one between actor and staff, but regards them as fellow hyungs and noonas and wishes to bridge the gap between them in “Healer”, is just like the considerate man we thought he would be.

With a big heart and considerate actions, Ji Chang Wook meticulously took care of not just the people around him but even all the drama staff, showing his affectionate side.

At a round table meeting held at a cafe in Apgujeong on 13 February, Top Star News met Ji Chang Wook who passionately starred as Seo Jung Hu in the drama “Healer”. Ji Chang Wook was also considerate towards the reporters.  
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[Interview] 20150223 Yonhap News – Ji Chang Wook “I had fun in Healer”


Despite conducting interviews with 50 media outlets over three days, he did not seem too tired. Because there is a big sense of accomplishment from this happy person who is receiving lots of love.

Ji Chang Wook who leaps up another step through “Healer” was recently interviewed in Gangnam. 

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[Interview] 20150223 – Ji Chang Wook’s Q&A with Ilkan Sports


Mention actor Ji Chang Wook, the image that comes to mind is “steadiness”.

Ji Chang Wook’s filmography speaks about his personality. His debut work was the 2008 movie “Sleeping Beauty”. One year after that, he starred as the immature youngest son in KBS2 TV’s “Sons of Sol Pharmacy”. That was the real start to his life as an actor.

His first leading role came two years after that. He played the titular role in the KBS1 TV daily drama “Smile Donghae” which had high ratings of 40%. He became the “nations’s son” by playing the role of Donghae, a kind youth with tenacity. “Smile Donghae” was the number 1 contributor to his popularity.
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[Pictorial] Ji Chang Wook post-Healer interview press pictures (Warning: Image heavy)


The Seollal holidays a few weeks ago proved to be the calm before the storm, as all the news sites in Korea decided to release their various interviews with Ji Chang Wook on the same date, and there will likely be more to come.

It is a common routine for news sites to conduct a round of interviews with an actor each time he is done with a drama and release all their interviews on the same day. We will be consolidating his various press photos here, and the post will be updated as and when there are new interview pictures released.

Due to the sheer number of interview articles released, it will be impossible for us translate every single article.  As many articles contain similar or repeated content, we will only be translating those that contain substantial new information about him.

For now, just enjoy the pictures!

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