[Event] Ji Chang Wook Hong Kong press conference photos

Someone looks like he’s having a great time!  Ji Chang Wook’s press conference prior to his “This is JCW” Hong Kong fan meeting was held on 19 June 2015 at the Mikiki Shopping Mall, and we have a few photos and a short video of the festivities to share.  Enjoy!

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[Event] Ji Chang Wook rehearses for Hong Kong fan meeting


Actor Ji Chang Wook is making lots of preparations for a special fan service.

Ji Chang Wook who is leading the Hallyu wave is expected to meet fans in Hong Kong and Japan through his “This Is JCW” tour, and he can be seen practising hard for it.

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[Event] Ji Chang Wook to hold public press conference in Hong Kong

Only a few more days remaining!  As announced previously, Ji Chang Wook will be commencing his 2015 Asia Tour with his fan meeting in Hong Kong to be held on 20 June.  Turns out he will be arriving earlier for some activities before the show, so fans will get to see him even before the actual fan meeting! On 19 June at 6:30pm, Ji Chang Wook will be holding a public press conference about his Asia Tour at the Ground Floor Atrium of Mikiki Shopping Mall in Hong Kong.  Not only will all fans and shoppers at the mall get to see him free of charge, he will also have some interactive activities with fans during the event.

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[Event/Video] Ji Chang Wook releases promotional video for HK fan meeting


Have you gotten your tickets? Ticket sales for Ji Chang Wook’s Hong Kong fan meeting began this morning, and our 靚仔 (“leng zai” – cantonese for “handsome guy”) appears in a video to promote the first stop of his Asia tour.

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