[Interview] Beautiful Healer descends! Ji Chang Wook’s éclat magazine interview [Part 2]

Ji Chang Wook, a popular Korean actor who is known as a ‘versatile actor,’ an ‘Asian prince,’ and a ‘hit prince,’ is loved all over the world.
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[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook talks about “Melting Me” with ELLE Japan

Ji Chang Wook’s first drama after his discharge from the army is amazing!  He talks about his challenges in “Melting Me” at the start of its broadcast in Japan, and answers special comments from ELLE!

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[Magazine] What is the charm of Ji Chang Wook, a sexy ‘romance craftsman’?

Ji Chang Wook gives an interview to Japanese magazine an.an in advance of his drama “Melting Me Softly” premiering on cable channel U-NEXT, and discussed what he’s been doing since “Lovestruck In The City” wrapped filming.
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[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook provides warm vibes for Esquire Hong Kong

Ji Chang Wook continues his World Domination in the latter half of 2020 with yet another cover feature and interview, this time for the December 2020 issue of Esquire Hong Kong!

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[Magazine] Close Encounters with Ji Chang Wook: The Kinetic Actor Gets Personal on His Emotional Journey of Success

It’s not a stretch to think that God spent a lot of time on this one, even within the South Korean realm where actors and idols are distinguished both by their craft and by their beauty. And it’s easy to typecast Ji Chang Wook given such irrefutable good looks. His lead role as a skater in the 2010 romance drama Smile Again first put him on the map, but it was his emotive agility as the eccentric prince and emperor in Empress Ki a few years later that sealed his reputation as a versatile and skilled actor. Continue reading