[Magazine] Magazine M, Volume 199, February 2017 issue


Facing a fabricated world, no holds barred like playing a game

Everything was fabricated. In a flash, PC-cafe-regular Kwon Yoo (Ji Chang Wook) was turned into a notorious murderer. Although he screamed “I am innocent” at the top of his voice, what he got in return were only fingers that pointed him as a murderer. Even if he was an ordinary young jobless man, was there a need for him to go through such a thing? “Fabricated City” is a movie that begins with the blood-boiling injustice of ordinary folks who step forth to overturn the world. He is not even Superman or Batman, but Kwon Yoo and his friends have the strength and resourcefulness honed from staying up overnight at the PC cafe. We met up with actor Ji Chang Wook who issues a head-on challenge to a world that reveals its bare face the more you get to know it.

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[Interview] Ji Chang Wook’s interview with the press in Taiwan


During Ji Chang Wook’s stay in Taiwan over the weekend, not only did he attend a press conference, hold a fan meeting and appear in a variety show, he also kept himself busy doing interviews with the Taiwanese press. This post is a summary of interviews released by various media outlets. Points that have been mentioned countless times in previous interviews have been omitted in this post.

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