[Event] Ji Chang Wook takes off for Tokyo concert


Looks like BNT Korea was the lucky winner of the latest Ji Chang Wook airport send-off, as Wook departed from Gimpo International to Japan on Monday afternoon in advance of his “A Love Song to Send to You” concert to be held in Tokyo this Friday, 17 February (info here).  Enjoy their photos here!

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[Event] Ji Chang Wook to hold “A Love Song to Send to You” concert

Looks like someone is trying to jam in as many fan events as possible before enlisting!  Ji Chang Wook’s Japan agency Rubeus announced today that Wook will hold one more Japan event on Friday, 17 February 2017 entitled “JCW 3rd Concert – A Love Song to Send to You.”

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[Exclusive] Ji Chang Wook 樂ruck CONCERT in Japan (fan account)


Had it really been almost two years since I attended Ji Chang Wook’s last fan meeting in Southwestern Japan in June 2014?  Somehow, I found myself returning to Osaka for yet another appearance, this time for his “JCW in OSK 樂ruck CONCERT” held at the Osaka Convention Centre on 17 April 2016.  (Note:  Due to the high level of security, I was unable to take any photos or videos during the live concert.)

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