[Instagram Update 2] 7 February 2015

11:36am KST

간다…. 재윤이형이 간다….장가간다.. 못갈줄알았는데.. 형수님 감사합니다.. 재윤이형 오늘 촬영땜에 못가서 미안해요 우리형 너무 축하해요!! 여러분!!! 우리 재윤이형 드디어 장가갑니다 모두 축복해주세요^^ 형 안녕….. #총각조재윤 #안녕 #이별 #하지만
#형수님 #감사합니다 #행복 #축복

Gone…. Jae-yoonie hyung gone….married.. I thought you would never get married.. sister-in-law thank you.. Jae-yoonie hyung, I am sorry that I can’t go because of work filming today hyung many congratulations!! Everyone!!! Our Jae-yoonie hyung is finally married everyone please bless^^ bye hyung….. #single jo jaeyoon #bye #farewell #however #big brother’s wife #thank you #happiness #blessings

*Today ( 7 February) is Jo Jae Yoon’s wedding day.  We also wish uri Jaeyoon-ssi much happiness and send many blessings for his new life ahead!

[Interview] eNews 24 – The blessed gift of the name Ji Chang Wook


The power of a character can be scary. It still feels awkward looking at Ta Hwan stripped of his royal robes. So strong is the impression he has made as that character.

With the airing of the 51st episode, the 6-month-long run of the MBC Mon-Tues drama “Empress Ki” finally drew to a close. Ji Chang Wook, who showed the Yuan Emperor Ta Hwan’s affectionate and heartbreaking love for Seung Nyang in the drama, commanded a great presence right till the end as the show concluded with a sad ending.

The past 6 months was no easy journey for Ji Chang Wook either. Taking into account the filming period in addition to the 6 months, he had been immersed in the show for a whole 9 months. To put things differently, “Empress Ki” can be considered as the drama that showed the growth of Ji Chang Wook.

This makes us curious now. If there was no Ji Chang Wook, would this journey have been possible? Ji Chang Wook successfully became one with his character through his passionate acting, such that there is no need for any doubts about him anymore.

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[Eng Sub] Ji Chang Wook’s “Empress Ki” iMBC Interview


Uploaded on the Empress Ki official website back in December 2013, Ji Chang Wook talks about his character Ta Hwan, filming in the cold, and working with his co-stars in this video. Note that he gave this interview when they were still filming the first half of the series, so whatever he said was only based on what he knew back then.

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