[Interview] Star N News – Ji Chang Wook “Ten years later, I wish to be a good senior and actor”

“Words like ‘the discovery of Ji Chang Wook’ make me feel embarrassed and ashamed sometimes. But it’s a very good thing. I’m very thankful and happy about it.”

Ji Chang Wook, who portrayed the complex inner self and life of Emperor Ta Hwan in the recently concluded MBC drama “Empress Ki”, has been dubbed as the biggest beneficiary and an unexpected star of the show, and has received praise for demonstrating an acting ability that exceeded expectations.

But in reality, Ji Chang Wook did not know if he was even prepared to play Ta Hwan.

Ji Chang Wook, who came to the audience’s attention through “Smile Donghae”, has taken on different kinds of characters such as a youth, a warrior and an antagonist in shows like “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”, “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” and “Five Fingers”. Add on his role as Ta Hwan, and viewers now have a “Ji Chang Wook Complete Gift Set” with increased anticipation for Ji Chang Wook’s future works.

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[Interview] SSTV – Ji Chang Wook goes from question mark to exclamation mark in “Empress Ki”


“There will never be such an emperor ever again.”  An emperor has everything one can ask for on earth, but will there ever be another emperor like Ta Hwan? His life was a question mark during his time as a prince. In front of El Temur, he fell on his knees begging for mercy; he even demanded for persimmons while being sent to exile. Neither could he shoot arrows properly, such that he had to start learning from the soldier Seung Nyang the right way to handle the bow. The new image of an emperor shown by Ta Hwan received instant reactions from the public after the show went on air. Despite receiving applause and praises, Ji Chang Wook found the drama “Empress Ki” to be a burden. In “Empress Ki”, Ji Chang Wook was a question mark.       Continue reading