[Video] Ji Chang Wook’s ad-lib in ‘The Days’ performance revealed


As we previously wrote about in November 2014, a special performance of musical “The Days” was staged on 27 December for the benefit of Ji Chang Wook’s fans.  His management must have been reading our minds, as Glorious Entertainment has uploaded a portion of that performance on their website to share!

The video focuses on a short but much-talked about segment from that night’s performance, where Ji Chang Wook pulled off a hilarious ad-lib.

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[Musical] Ji Chang Wook wraps up “The Days” performances in Seoul


After almost four months of performances on stage as the bodyguard Kang Mu Yeong, Ji Chang Wook and the rest of the team have finally wrapped up their performances of the musical “The Days” in Seoul.

Just before the final performance, Ji Chang Wook and his co-star, Kang Tae Eul, managed to squeeze in enough time for a short video to thank everyone who came to support them.  
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