[Event] Ji Chang Wook to hold fan sign at Konus Myeongdong


7 March Update:

Glorious Entertainment has expressed their sincere apology for the sudden cancellation of the Konus event on 5 March and for not taking proper care of Ji Chang Wook’s condition. According to Glorious, Ji Chang Wook’s health condition had worsened on that day due to his busy schedules in Korea and overseas. Ji Chang Wook would like to apologise to fans who had waited for him in the bad weather and hopes to recover quickly so that he can meet everyone soon.

5 March Update:
This event has been officially cancelled due to Ji Chang Wook being in ill health. Konus has apologised for the last minute cancellation and will update again if the event is rescheduled. Glorious Entertainment has also apologised for not giving earlier notice about him not being able to attend the event.

Ji Chang Wook will be having a fan sign session in Seoul to mark the store opening of fashion brand Konus in Myeongdong.

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