[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook is a cover model for KWave M (updated with video)

Ji Chang Wook will be fronting the cover of KWave M’s latest issue.

Going with the concept of “sculpture”, Ji Chang Wook goes with the charismatic sculpted look sporting various fashion styles such as a black turtleneck and slacks, pyjama-style shirt, a flower patterned jacket, and overcoat.

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[Magazine] KWAVE, June 2015 issue – Busy Days of Ji Chang Wook

Note:  This interview was already translated into English by the magazine, and is reproduced here exactly as published.

It’s been a long time since KWAVE visited him.  Leading a busy life, he was still filled with passion for acting.  Let us look in to filming site as we visited him during his short break.

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[Video/Magazine] Ji Chang Wook behind-the scenes for KWave


Some time ago, we announced on Twitter that Kwave was accepting questions from fans for an interview with Ji Chang Wook. And true enough, he is being featured in the June issue of KWave magazine, and they’ve released a behind-the-scenes video of him at the photo shoot and interview that took place on the afternoon of 21 May.

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