[Movie] Ji Chang Wook becomes a person of unknown identity in “Restricted Call”

Issue No. 1289 of the Korean film and entertainment magazine Cine21 (씨네21) features Director Kim Chang Joo in an interview regarding his upcoming movie “Restricted Call” (발신제한), starring Jo Woo Jin, Ji Chang Wook and Lee Jae In, which is scheduled for release in 2021.

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[Movie] “Fabricated City”: A review by Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen

Guess who turns 31 years old today?  Our very own Ji Chang Wook celebrates his birthday on 5 July, and Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen sends along its wishes for a very happy day, with many more to follow!  In addition, 5 July also marks our site’s third anniversary! Woo hoo!!

So in honour of this semi-momentous occasion, we have decided to post our joint review of Wook’s first starring movie, “Fabricated City.”  We had been holding off until the movie had its last international premiere, so sit back and read away!  (A few spoilers may be sprinkled throughout, so proceed at your own risk!)

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