[Drama] New Ji Chang Wook promo stills from “Mr. Right”


Hey there.  Remember us?  That other Chinese drama Ji Chang Wook is starring in?  Hope not, because the “Mr. Right” production team has shared some new promotional stills of the cast in celebration of their Weibo page landing over 100,000 followers this week.  Congratulations to them… and enjoy the pretty! ❤

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[Drama] Ji Chang Wook stills and behind-the-scenes in “Mr. Right” [Part 4]

And that’s a wrap!  “Mr. Right” is scheduled to finish filming today (18 February), but a production can never strike the sets without posting the usual “yay we’re done!” photos of the cast and crew.  And boy, did they not disappoint.  Enjoy the most recent batch below the break!

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