[Event] Ji Chang Wook meets the press for New Year’s countdown concert

Ji Chang Wook met Chinese reporters at a press conference on 30 December for today’s Jiangsu TV New Year Countdown Concert.

Held at the Fairmont Hotel in Nanjing, Ji Chang Wook gave answered several questions from reporters. He revealed that he will be performing two songs at the concert tomorrow — Jay Chou’s Chinese song “Starry Night,” which Ji Chang Wook remade into Korean in his recent Chinese EP; and “An Xiang (暗香),” the theme song of the Chinese drama “The Story of a Noble Family (金粉世家)”.  He will perform the second song as a duet with Chinese singer Sha Bao Liang (沙宝亮).  Ji Chang Wook will be rehearsing tonight for his performance tomorrow.

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