[Drama/OST] “Healer” OST track listing released

Several online digital music sites have released the track listing for the full “Healer” OST which is scheduled for release on 9 February 2015.  Publisher Windmill Entertainment must have heard the fans’ pleas, as several of the incidental (background) music tracks will be also included in this release.  Ji Chang Wook’s contribution entitled “I’ll Protect You” (technically OST Part.6, but is listed as Track 7 herein) will be released through the usual online Korean music portals (Bugs/Melon/Naver Music, etc.) at 12pm noon today (2 February), and we cannot wait to hear this latest addition to his repertoire!!!

You can listen to Part.6 “I’ll Protect You” right here:


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[Instagram/Weibo Update] 28 January 2015


힐러 OST 기대기대!!!
#힐러 #서정후테마 #OST

Healer OST anticipate anticipate!!!
#Healer #Seo Jung Hu’s theme #OST
#Please look forward to it

힐러 ost 불렀어요 많이기대해주세용 곧 나와요!!!!! 오예!!

I sang the Healer OST. Please anticipate it a lot. It will be out soon!!!!! Oh yeah!!