[Drama/OST] “Healer” OST Part 1 to be released


The first OST for “Healer” has been revealed.

There is heated anticipation for the quality OST of KBS2’s new drama “Healer”, slated to air its first broadcast on 8 December.

The theme song, ‘Eternal Love’, for the messenger Seo Jung Hu who goes by the nickname ‘Healer’, is a song that expresses gentleness within strength. It is a medium-tempo sentimental pop song that paints not the messenger Healer, but the warmth of the man Seo Jung Hu.

The ‘Healer’ OST Part 1 ‘Eternal Love’, which is drawing interest due to the participation of international artistes, is created with the voices of the international band Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) from Denmark. MTLR is a global band that is a leader in the world of Korean pop music with their representative albums and songs, and the band continues to show its lasting power after debuting 25 years ago.  Continue reading