[Fanvid] Bad Angel

With winks, smiles, nice clothes and hot bod, there’s no reason why our Guardian Angel #2013 shouldn’t have a video about himself! All the more to unleash his angelic (or devilish) charms on mere mortals like us.

Enjoy the video!

Edited by: Gabby
Song used: “Cupid” by Girls’ Day
Drama: Secret Love – Have You Ever Had Coffee With an Angel?

Do not reupload.


[Drama Recap] “Secret Love” – “Have You Ever Had Coffee With An Angel?”


Airing 11 July 2014 on the DRAMAcube Cable Network as part of the five-episode omnibus series “Secret Love,” each starring a member of the K-Pop group KARA.

Episode 5 – starring Ji Chang Wook, Park Gyuri and Lee Dong Ha.

[NOTE: This post contains tons of spoilers.  If you plan on watching this show, then I suggest you back away slowly from this recap.  You’ll thank us later. Also note that this recap is based on the Dramafever version and not the edited version broadcast on Dramacube.]

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