[Drama] Ji Chang Wook’s and Park Min Young’s sweet eye contact in “Healer”


The hidden behind-the-scenes story of Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young on the KBS2 drama “Healer”, which is shaking up the Mon-Tues time slot, was released today.

In the released photos, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young are filming at various locations such as the Someday News office and Chae Young Shin’s home. From the sight of the both of them persevering and full of smiles despite the cold weather, one can see the harmonious atmosphere and teamwork at the film set.  Continue reading

[Drama] Press meet with the cast of “Healer” (with video)

Actors Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae and Park Min Young met the press at the film set of “Healer” in Paju, Gyeonggi-do on 16 December.

Ji Chang Wook spoke about his action scenes in the show, “Although there is a lot of action in the drama, I have not sustained any major injuries.  The stuntmen helped me a lot, and the action team took a lot of effort to ensure that I do not get hurt. There are times where it may be dangerous, but I cannot afford to get injured in the future either.”

Park Min Young said, “Ji Chang Wook who is doing all the real action doesn’t get injured, but I am the one getting hurt everyday. Ji Chang Wook does action very well, but I got kicked by a stuntman while sitting next to him during a filming.” She added, “Although it wasn’t a big injury, I’m embarrassed that I got injured instead of Ji Chang Wook such that I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone about it.”
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[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young show their behind-the-scenes chemistry

“Healer” Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young have attracted attention with their warm chemistry during a break.

The “Healer” production team released behind-the-scenes pictures on 15 December of Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young looking affectionate.

Facing the camera, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young strike a playful pose.  With a big smile, Park Min Young shows her cute charm, while Ji Chang Wook slightly bends his knees in consideration of Park Min Young, showing a warm atmosphere.

In another photo, the two are reading the script seriously and absorbed in preparing for the shoot.  Not only are they studying their individual characters, but they are also working on their chemistry right from the start as their number of scenes together increase, and the shooting continued in a harmonious setting. Their great chemistry even continues during the break, increasing expectations for the broadcast.

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