[Interview] 20100222 Now News – ‘Hero’ Ji Chang Wook “I have no role model or ideal type”

“I do not wish to lie to audiences. Pretending to be angry when I’m not, smiling when I’m not enjoying myself… I really do not wish to do that. But that is very difficult.”

Is it his dream to become an actor who does not lie? A rookie actor whom we met at a coffee shop recently revealed a rather unusual acting mindset. But this rookie does not have a role model either. He is none other than Ji Chang Wook who played the role of a reporter with a unique personality in the MBC drama “Hero” that ended last month.

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[Interview] 20090415 10Asia – Ji Chang Wook│My name is..

While Ji Chang Wook is busy protecting his country, we at The Kitchen will be taking a walk down memory lane to translate some of his older interviews that we didn’t manage to cover. Many were published before this site was launched, while there are other recent ones that we may have left out due to a lack of time. In conjunction with his debut anniversary, we thought it would be proper to publish one of Ji Chang Wook’s very first interviews he had with the press when he was just a rookie actor. It’d be fun to see how much he has grown over the years, and how he has still remained quite the same in some aspects. Enjoy the read!

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[Interview] Ji Chang Wook “Fabricated City” press interview compilation (Image heavy)

Ji Chang Wook met reporters from various press agencies for interviews prior to the official opening of “Fabricated City”, and numerous articles were published over the past couple of weeks in conjunction with his movie promotions. Since most articles had repetitive content, we’ve compiled his answers to various topics in our post below, along with a boatload of additional photos taken during said interviews.

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