[Variety] Are you ready for the entertainment explosion that is “Youth MT”?

On 9 September, a new type of reality travel program premieres on OTT video streaming platform TVing:  “Youth MT” / (“청춘MT,” also known as “Young Actors’ Retreat”).  The following is a compilation of various news reports to describe the upcoming series in advance of its premiere.

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[Event/Drama] Ji Chang Wook attends press conference for “Lovestruck in the City”

On the afternoon of 22 December 2020, Kakao TV’s new drama, “Lovestruck in The City” introduced its main cast through a press conference held at an undisclosed location in Gangnam-gu and broadcast live through its YouTube channel.  What follows is a compilation of the various news reports from the event.

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[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won attend “City Man and Woman’s Law of Love” first script reading

Upcoming drama “City Man and Woman’s Law of Love” burst into excitement from the first script reading with a ‘fresh’ synergy. Continue reading