[Magazine] iWeekly, Issue 953 – Ji Chang Wook: Naturally loved when seen by anyone


It’s not just Lee Minho and Kim Soohyun who can hold up half the sky on their own in the Korean entertainment circle. There’s also them.

He was probably born with a charm that is able to capture the hearts of many and no one can withstand it. He is like this both on screen and off screen. I’m talking about, Ji Chang Wook. 

He already stood out in “Smile Donghae” in 2010, but it was because of “Empress Ki” in 2013 that he became popular. Never mind that he loved her and she loved another man, there was only one Empress Ki in his eyes. He worked hard to better himself, transforming from a puppet emperor to a true sovereign, and even sacrificed his life to help her get rid of her political enemies. It’s not possible that one isn’t moved by that, especially for female audiences. 

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[Event/CF] Ji Chang Wook meets Singapore fans for the first time


Ji Chang Wook made his first official visit to Singapore yesterday (6 December) as the new brand ambassador of Japanese soap brand Shokubutsu, one of several brands under Lion Corporation.

After landing in Singapore at 6am, Ji Chang Wook spent a busy afternoon with fans and the media at a press conference followed by two fan meetings back-to-back.

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[Notice/Project] Ji Chang Wook support banners for Singapore fans

This post is meant for all readers who are planning to see Ji Chang Wook in Singapore on 6 December.

As many of you would know by now, Ji Chang Wook will be coming to Singapore for Shokubutsu promotions, where he will be having a private fan meeting and a public meet-and-greet session at Suntec City on 6 December 2015.

In order for us to show our support to Ji Chang Wook, I’ve designed a hand banner that fans can display during the events. It is rare that Ji Chang Wook comes to Singapore, and it seems like his schedule here is going to be very rushed, so I thought we could at least show our love for him during the short time we have with him by holding support banners at the event.


Sample shot. Image files to be downloaded for printing are located below.

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