[Instagram Update] 14 November 2019

싱가폴로 갑니다아✈️✈️ – #singapore #cartier #clashdecartier #수능 #화이팅

Singapore here we go✈️✈️ – #singapore #cartier #clashdecartier #SAT #hwaiting

*Wook is cheering on the examinees who are sitting for the SATs (Scholastic Aptitude Test) college entrance examinations today

[Magazine] U-Weekly Issue 576 – New Action Star, Ji Chang Wook


Ji Chang Wook (29), who is about to enlist in the army next year, has been dubbed an “expert action star” by the Korean media after starring in the drama “The K2”. Most Korean A-list actors reportedly prefer to star in short romance comedies that are around 20 episodes long, because they find action films too tiring and long-running dramas take too long to film. But Ji Chang Wook is not like that.

Five years ago, Ji Chang Wook shot to fame in the 159-episode daily drama “Smile Donghae”, and his performance in every show has left a deep impression on audiences. Maybe because he has prior experience in a daily drama, Ji Chang Wook has an especially large number of older female fans.

This is our second time interviewing Ji Chang Wook. In the interview this time around, we found Ji Chang Wook to be more steady and matured than other young male actors. We are really looking forward to his outstanding performance in his next piece of work! Continue reading